Launching my first Crypto Art Collection on OpenSea

I am excited to announce I am launching my first Crypto Art (NFT) collection on the OpenSea platform. The art series ‘March 2 Infinity - Visions’ - regarding humanities quest into transhumanism - is started with 10 minted works.

OpenSea Visions Collection
OpenSea Visions Collection

The art series ‘March 2 Infinity - Visions’ - regarding humanities quest into transhumanism - is based upon my traditional art series ‘The March To Infinity’ and contains digitized reworked traditional art works.  They will not be available in the real world. The collection is started with 10 minted works that will be listed over the coming weeks but more will be added later on. 

Feel free to send me any upfront offers if you like them and don’t want to wait for the actual listing.

I am quite excited about this new online possibility to find new art collectors and to embrace these new technologies of the digital era.  Cryptocurrencies will become one of the default means of (online) payment in the near future.

Now for those a bit less tech savvy I hear you thinking “Crypto Art” .. “NFT” … what is he talking about ?


Let’s try to explain this with a simple analogy.

You probably have heard about the term “Cryptocurrency” or “BitCoin” before.  This is basically virtual money - living on the internet - in what we call ‘a blockchain’.

A blockchain can best be imagined as an ever growing train with each compartment holding a number of transactions.  The compartments are sealed once full thus the transactions are no longer modifiable and the train just keeps on growing longer when new transactions are executed. 

People use a virtual wallet (a software application) to communicate with this blockchain.  It tells you which of those transactions are yours … basically what you own on that blockchain ( thus hold in your wallet ).

Crypto Art ( or NFT - non-fungible token ) is created as a transaction on that train and it holds an unique reference to a digital artwork.  Once put into that compartment that link (and other data about the artwork) cannot ever be changed again.  When you buy such a digital token then that act of ownership is yet another new transaction on that blockchain.  From that point on you are the solely global owner of that artwork.  And the proof of that is registered in that sealed off compartment on that train .. euh blockchain.  There is nobody else that can take ownership as the compartment is sealed off nor can they claim they own it as everyone can look up that transaction on the blockchain and verify who owns it. 

Obviously you can still sell that artwork and thus transfer the ownership if you want to somebody else. That again will be a transaction that can be verified and is persisted in the blockchain.

NFT items are unique items on the blockchain - the creator of that NFT guarantees there is only 1 unique copy.  Semi-NFT items exist as well - these can be created in limited supply amounts of eg 50 pieces.

OpenSea is one of the platforms that allow you to browse and trade such items. 

OpenSea Home Page
OpenSea Home Page

Artists can use it to manage their unique collections and sell or auction items.  NFT’s are considered to potentially be the future of ownership in the new digital era. New art collectors arise that simply want to digitally collect and own artworks. And potentially invest in digital artists and the fact their works become more famous.  It is becoming a digital alternative to the current art world of galleries and collectors.

So what do you need ?

In order to participate you will need:

  • to install a crypto wallet on your computer or smart phone - MetaMask is quite popular and is installed as an extension in your web browser.
  • obtain some cryptocurrencies by typically exchanging them against real money (called fiat currency).  Nowadays it can be as easy as using your VISA or Mastercard for that.

The above steps and even more are nicely explained in the following blog at OpenSea - How to get started.  

I sure hope I could make it a bit clearer what Crypto Art is all about.  If you do have additional questions then do not hesitate to contact me.

And hopefully I can soon count you in as a new digital art collector with a nice NFT Sedas in your collection.

Have a look at my collection and enjoy your new online art collection.