Academy on Air

The academy started the ‘Academy on Air’ initiative to stimulate art students to continue to work from home on there art works and to show pictures of there working spot via the social media.

As the school is still closed due to the corona virus outbreak this should help in motivating the students and to continue the school year.

The academy created a nice banner and the idea is to take a picture that includes the banner in your working spot, together with your new work, yourself at work, anything really …

The academy then regularly shows the pictures within their social media.

I took a picture of my atelier showing in the mirror a new drawing I have been working on.

My atelier on AIR
My atelier on AIR

So far I have been able to create a number of new drawings based upon my digital waves art series.

During Whats App video sessions I then discuss my progress with my teacher Benny. It is obviously not the same as the real life contact & advice but nevertheless it works and it is a great help.