The March to Infinity had departed ... hopeful they longed for the eternal life.
Painting , 2024
Art Series - March 2 Infinity

The cosmos stretched endlessly, instilling hope.
Ages passed since their journey to infinity began.
A new life, a brighter future, seemed within reach.
“Only the final barriers stand,” proclaimed the heralds.
The struggles of predecessors faded into the background.
Sins of the past almost felt forgiven.
Promises guided them towards a better tomorrow.

Drawing MediaOils Paint Charcoal
SurfaceCotton Canvas
ToolsBrushes Charcoal pencil Charcoal stick
Dimensions40 30   CM
This artwork can be collected

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ArtworkPainting , 2024
Dimensions40 30   CM
Sales Price395    ( or in Crypto - ETH/LTC/XTZ/VET - price based upon market, contact us for enquiries )
Price IncludesOriginal Artwork Certificate of Authenticity Contract
Price ExcludesTaxes Transport Insurance
Available FromOctober 2024
  1. This artwork does not require any framing and can therefore be hung directly on the wall at no extra cost.
  2. This artwork can be enhanced with a floating frame for a small additional cost. It is not necessary but it can give a better presentation depending on the environment. Feel free to enquire for the possibilities.
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