The March to Infinity had departed ... worthless promises by tribunes... fallen.
Painting , 2023
Art Series - March 2 Infinity

The march to infinity they entered ages ago was coming to a final end it seemed.
Worhtless promises by tribunes.
The countless victims upon the path to eternal life almost forgotten.
Deliverance is within gasp.

Detail Image
Detail - Fallen Tribunes
Drawing MediumCharcoal
SurfaceCanvasboard with Gesso
ToolsBrushes Charcoal pencil Charcoal stick
Dimensions25 25   CM
Available as NFT
This artwork can be collected as an NFT (or cryptoArt) on the following platform: is an NFT art marketplace based on the clean energy friendly Tezos blockchain.
CollectionM2I Fragments
Edition TypeMulti Edition - 8/8
Crypto currencyTezos